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I've always had a love affair with the pencil. From my earliest expressions of creativity, I've cycled through periods of drawing into writing and back to drawing. My first recognizable work of art was a sketch of a bird made when I was two and a half. As I learned the power of words, my focus changed to poetry and stories. I had never considered how these two disciplines were connected in my psyche until I sat down to write this brief explanation of my current interests in both art and literature. I've worked in a variety of media over the years, but always I come back to the humble pencil. Humble ... and powerful. I marvel at how much can be expressed—whether in the form of letters or figures—by pressing soft gray lead against white paper. In graphite, I once created a self-portrait piece called Circle of Life. Now, I fully understand how meaningful that title is.

Praise for Hotel Toledo

A stunning debut. Hotel Toledo is passionate, heartfelt and rich with the kind of detail that makes a novel sing. Just a lovely piece of work. I'm putting Melinda Hipple's name on my must-read list. Ande Parks, author of Capote in Kansas and Ciudad

This book is AMAZING. There's not one, but TWO plot twists that you don't see coming. It's a short read and one that's fast, given how you won't wanna put it down. Each character has their own sort of mystery to them. It really is a story that makes you think, and one that you won't forget soon. Lauren K

This story kept me guessing, it was very intriguing. The author's writing is well-tuned. There are plenty of surprises and I enjoyed reading this very much; looking forward to reading more from Melinda Hipple. Lisa Slavin

Praise for Home Front

This book is a true gift to all women who have wondered what it was like to be a part of paving the way of feminism in the 1940s. Using the words from personal journals & letters left behind of a woman searching to find herself in a world dominated by men and war; this author takes us on a heartwarming journey. She gives incredible insight as to the atmosphere of the times as seen by both women entering the workforce and discovering culture in the big city, as well as men overseas navigating love, loneliness and future's uncertainties. Megan Gentry

I absolutely love this book. The letters are such an intimate touch that bring this gem to life. Vee is such an inspiring part of the book, and she really makes the readers think about the wartime experience from a young woman's point of view. The story hits on all emotional levels. Ashley Cooper

The writer did an absolutely brilliant job of weaving together letters and her mother's day to day life during WW2. She gives the reader a wonderful insight into what it was like living during a time where the existential threats brought about constant stress and anxiety experienced by everyone who lived during the war. On top of that, what a wonderful feminist take on what it was like being a woman during that time, and the internal fight of choosing between living up to the female expectations of the time and choosing her own path of independence. I flew through this book! Kaci Dillingham

A heart-breaking account of all the sacrifices and difficulties of those serving the country during WWII and of all those who are at home. This book is a stark reminder of how incredibly difficult and agonizing those times were for so many. It reminded me of my parents, uncles, and grandparents and what they endured. I thoroughly enjoyed this first hand account and this book deserves more national acclaim. The Indie Bob Spot


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CAMERA OBSCURA is a collection of poetry that draws on Melinda's experience as an artist and photographer - translating her keen sense of visual awareness into poems that engage us. But her poems dig deeper than merely presenting an image. They bring insight to her world, and ours.

From Imperium Publishing, Camera Obscura second edition is available at Amazon and other online book retailers.


"When Aaron was not quite five years old, we were on a road trip in Missouri--driving past a field of cows just before sunset. The moon had come up and, out of the blue, Aaron asked if cows lived on the moon. This began a series of questions that I tried to answer to the best of my ability. It became a game. Each question gave me the opportunity to explain a basic concept related to science."

From Imperium Publishing, Who Lives on the Moon is available at Amazon and other online book retailers.

Who Lives on the Moon Cover

As the head of Odyssey Central bids farewell, five separate colonies brave a decades-long journey into deep space. Soon separated by light-years, each crew faces challenges posed not just by the rigors of space but by connections made before the Day of Leaving. One crewmember's pre-flight effort to improve the biorecycling systems mutates into a nightmare, while another—driven by revenge—corrupts the very heart of the artificial intelligence platform their lives depend on. Isolated in the harshest of environments, the Chang, the Hawking, the Einstein, the Newton, and the Kepler each find themselves in a deadly race against time.

From Imperium Publishing, Raven is available at Amazon and other online book retailers.

Raven Cover

Raven is definitely a page turner. I loved the ending. Great science fiction! Casey McGinley Wright

A thrilling space odyssey. Great read that kept me locked in for hours at a time. Alex J