Melinda B Hipple Author & Artist

In the curve of a line there waits, equally, the power of words and the power of image. Melinda B Hipple

Author & Artist

I've always had a love affair with the pencil. From my earliest expressions of creativity, I've cycled through periods of drawing into writing and back to drawing. My first recognizable work of art was a sketch of a bird made when I was two and a half. As I learned the power of words, my focus changed to poetry and stories. I had never considered how these two disciplines were connected in my psyche until I sat down to write this brief explanation of my current interests in both art and literature. I've worked in a variety of media over the years, but always I come back to the humble pencil. Humble ... and powerful. I marvel at how much can be expressed—whether in the form of letters or figures—by pressing soft gray lead against white paper. In graphite, I once created a self-portrait piece called Circle of Life. Now, I fully understand how meaningful that title is.


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New Release

"A stunning debut. Hotel Toledo is passionate, heartfelt and rich with the kind of detail that makes a novel sing. Just a lovely piece of work. I'm putting Melinda Hipple's name on my must-read list."
Ande Parks, author of Capote in Kansas and Ciudad

Available to order from Glass Lyre Press

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Catching the Late Sun
New Acrylics
in the Fine Art Gallery!!

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American Lady in the Wild Asters
New Miniatures
in the Fine Art Gallery!!