Melinda B Hipple Editor

How important is a good editor?

Some years ago, I was perusing the DVD section of a convenience store and spotted a movie with a glaring error in the tag line. Errors do happen in many forms of published writing, but this error was so conspicuous, I couldn't take the movie seriously. I cannot count the number of times I've read material intended for a serious audience only to find mistakes that undercut the authority of the writing. Whether it's a casual post for your blog, copy for a company website, or that novel you intend to submit for publication, making a great first impression is key to holding the attention of your audience.

Copy Editor

  • Award-winning author of poetry and short stories
  • The 2016 editor of Watershed — poetry, short fiction and non-fiction
  • A past editor and columnist for Up the Creek News
  • A past haiga editor for Notes from the Gean — Japanese short form poetry
  • A founding member and haiga editor for A Hundred Gourds
  • Guest editor and book reviewer for Pirene's Fountain, a Poetry Journal

I have the expertise and dedication to help you achieve your writing goals!

Before you submit copy or self-publish that manuscript...

Consider that the first impression you make may hinge on something as simple as an absent comma or a misspelled word. Communicate your ideas more effectively by assuring that your work meets a high level of accuracy.


  • Basic copy edit – 2 cents a word (includes correcting grammar and punctuation errors, and help with sentence structure)
  • Critique and line edit – 4 cents a word (includes basic copy edit plus suggestions on overall content such as effectiveness in communicating ideas, evaluation of plot points, voice, character development, and storyline.
  • Please contact me with details of your project before submitting the work to be reviewed.